Grandefex- a scam?

I did stump up the Eur250 deposit to enter the robot trading. After a year the account had grown to Eur450 and then trading stopped.

My numerous inquiries as to what was happening (or not) were met with obfuscation, and requests to put in an additional Eur2500 to release the robot account monies. Yeah, right, born yesterday, hey!

Finally got a greasy character to call me and explain the funds could not be released, but he would do something special and take the constraints off the Robot trading to improve my results. I figured I was dealing with a crook and the money was lost, so agreed to his plan. Took 4 days for the funds to cavitate into negative equity. So, on paper, I owed them….!

Currently talking to my bank to block any attempt to grab funds.

Check this link out for validation of scam.

So, Grandefex a scam? – yessir, don’t even think about it!!

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